The Chamo Truck

Authentic Venezuelan cuisine food truck, The Chamo is giving Norwalk the opportunity to try an exotic cuisine, rarely seen in Connecticut, out of a food truck no less. We know, quite a lot to take in. But not quite as much as you're gonna get when you try out their tasty arepas, chock full of mouthwatering ingredients that make this meal too good to resist. At The Chamo, they're using only the freshest quality ingredients to make every arepa live up to its full potential of handheld goodness. Starting with homemade corn dough buns, The Chamo is filling 'em with meats, veggies, and all original eats to tantalize your tastebuds. Get your fill of ground beef, shredded chicken and avocado, roasted pork, and black beans and cheese, and you're getting hearty flavor in every single bite. Hot off the grill and made to order, they're out to make your day. So don't keep 'em waiting. Instead, find The Chamo on the streets of Norwalk and beyond, or invite 'em to cater your next event with next level eats. It's a surefire way to satisfaction.